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Learn how to avoid garage door accidents and several problems with these great tips

Never do repairs on your own

It is important to remember that door openers make use of electricity, which can cause shock or injury. Moreover, some of the door parts like springs are under high tension. So you should never perform any repairs, installations, and replacements of any part on your own.

Getting a strong garage door motor

The garage door motor of your opener is the one supplying the force that translates into lifting power. If you have a pretty lightweight garage door, then you can use the 1/2 or 3/4 HP models. If your door is a little heavier, then you can opt for the 1 HP models. If you have a double door made of particularly heavy materials, like wood, then you could get the 1 1/4 HP openers to do the job.

Avoid using grease when lubricating your garage door parts

Grease can be seen by many as a versatile lubricant that can be applied to all kinds of servicing. The problem is that grease hardens in colder conditions and because your opener and garage door are particularly exposed to the outdoor climate, it's likely this hardening can cause further issues. Professional will use a purpose made lubricant that is perfectly weatherproof.

Inspect rollers from time to time

Homeowners who are able to take good care of their garage doors inspect the individual components on a regular basis. The rollers are one of the parts that require a thorough inspection every once in a while. They get worn, chipped or cracked quite easily if not taken care of for long periods of time. Be sure to check on these rollers at least once a month.

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