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If your garage door has suddenly stopped working, or if it’s been making strange noises lately, check out our helpful FAQ section below for answers from our experts to many of today’s most common repair problems.

Should I tighten the oil tempered torsion springs?

According to our experts in Pembroke Pines, the oil tempered torsion springs need not be tightened as the tension in them is a lasting one and tightening only temporarily helps the door. There is a particular limit up to which a door can be tightened. If you go past it, the life of the spring will be reduced. You should install oil tempered torsion springs and parts that have a high cycle life.

Are Zinc torsion springs better than oil tempered?

While Zinc torsion springs look appealing as they do not rust like oil tempered springs, the longevity of the springs is much lower. Another drawback with the Zinc springs is that they make noise, while operating the door. While rotating the spring gives out a weird sound, which can be quite aggravating.

Why is the light on my door opener flashing?

Your light flashing on and off could mean that there is a problem with a safety sensor. The number of flashes indicates what the problem is. This is how the problem is diagnosed. It saves time in trying to determine what the issue is.

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