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Small Garage Door Repair Issues

Small Garage Door Repair Issues
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While major problems should be left to a garage door service provider, there are a number of small issues which can be easily dealt with. Here are just a few examples and the easy ways to resolve them.

Frozen Garage Doors:

Small Garage Door Repair IssuesWhen winter hits, the icy weather can sometimes catch us off guard. You may have already experienced the frustration of having the door freeze shut. This usually happens when water drips below the bottom seal, then freezes. This can be easily fixed by using a heat source such as a hairdryer to melt the ice. Once you are able to open the door, remove and excess water and check the integrity of the seal. You may need a new seal if it is allowing water to pass through it.


Although some models of garage door openers can be noisy, when you notice your particular model is being excessively noisy, there is usually some sort of a problem. Check all the screws and bolts are tight and examine the garage door rollers. It may be a simple case of lubricating the components to keep the movement smooth. It is worth watching the door open and close to check if there is a problem with the garage door track or garage door springs. This can be seen by jerking movement of the door and misshapen springs.

Monitor Safety:

Many people take their garage door system for granted but you should consider the safety factor. Check the sensors are working correctly by placing a block of wood under the path of the open door and trying to close it. If working correctly, the sensor will detect the wood and return to the open position. Familiarize yourself with the emergency release functions and be sure to keep remote controls out of the reach of children.  These simple steps can prevent any number of problems.

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