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Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

Reputed Garage Door Company for All Services

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Opener experts for Liftmaster service

I have my Liftmaster garage door opener for quite some time now but I also have the pleasure of having Pembroke Pines Garage Door Repair standing by. I mean, one reason why I don't have opener issues is the good garage door service of this company's techs. Of course, I call them often to check and maintain the entire electric system but the work is truly amazing. Plus, they always inform me about new accessories by Liftmaster and give me ideas on how to upgrade the system. They're excellent!

The best Genie opener experts

I have been looking for contractors who really know how to service Genie products and I have come across some technicians who couldn't even tell the differences among garage door openers. So, you can understand that I was really glad when I finally discovered your company. Not only did the technicians know exactly how to maintain and troubleshoot my Genie opener but they also gave me some wonderful ideas on future upgrading and informed me about the latest accessories of the brand. What a wonderful service! Thank you! I will definitely recommend you to all my friends.

I Couldn’t Ask for Anything More

We have an old garage door opener that didn’t come with a safety reversal feature. Now that our kid is starting to walk, we decided to get a new opener that comes with better safety features. My sister told me about Garage Door Repair Company in Pembroke Pines, which is the company that installed their garage door and opener. She said that they were experts and they charge fairly. I gave them a call and they guided me in choosing the appropriate opener to install in my home. There were several brands and types to choose from but with their help, I was able to make a sound decision. They also did the installation, which was done perfectly. I couldn’t ask for more with the service they provided.

Replaced the cable in time

My house overhead door was kind of noisy that morning and the door wouldn't open with ease! I feared that there was something wrong either with the opener or the overhead door springs. The technicians of Garage Door Repair Pembroke Pines told me that it was a serious problem with the garage door cable and I was lucky it didn't snap while I was in the garage. So grateful I called them right away and that they came over at once. The job was completed the same day and I really appreciated their speed!

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