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Choosing the best torsion spring

Choosing the best torsion spring
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Torsion springs are counter balance systems that consist of one or two springs.

Choosing the best torsion springThis spins are often wound up tightly on a cable shift known as a cable drum. The whole machine is place on the header wall just above the garage door and has three supports which are two end bearing plates and a cantering plate tat is made out of either nylon or steel. It’s wise to often read widely so that you can enlighten yourself on how you can repair and replace your garage doors so that it serve them for a long time. You can also enquire with professionals who specialize in garage door torsion spring replacement, garage door torsion spring repair. Regular check ups will help you to reduce or avoid garage door torsion spring repair cost and garage door torsion spring replacement. There are very many accessories available in stores that can help you while replacing your torsions. They include clopay torsion spring.

The best Torsion Springs for your garage doors

It’s advisable to regularly check whether their garage doors are functioning properly. To some extent, it’s also wise to leave any serious repairs and maintenance to a professional or expert. This is because you put yourself in danger of getting serious injuries if your attempt to repair or maintain garage doors without any knowledge or skill. There are usually two springs in garage doors that are used to effectively open the garage door. If you have to replace this springs, it’s wise to do so in pairs. This ensures that one spring is not stronger than the other.

Things to look at in torsion springs

Torsion springs are often designed to effectively close and open the garage door a predetermined number of times. In case one of the springs breaks, the other is bound to break too due to increased pressure on its part. There are torsion springs that are 10000 cycle springs and 25000 cycle springs. The 25000 cycle springs are very long lasting and can be used on bigger and heavier doors. A spring can be categorized using

  •     Length of Spring
  •     Wire size
  •     Wind of spring (left or right wound)
  •     Inside diameter

The size of a torsion wire spring can be determined using a number of techniques and tools. You can choose to use a micrometer, wire gauge or caliper to

determine the size of a spring. If you own none of these tools, you can measure ten coils of wire to the nearest one sixth of an inch.  The inside diameter can also be measured to the nearest 1/6 Th of an inch. In some case, the diameter is often indicated inside the cone just next to the manufacturer’s name. You can simply measure the length of the spring in its unwound state by counting the number of coils and multiplying it by the wire size. Finally, you can identify the wound direction of a spring using its color. The right wound springs often have red cones while left wound springs have black winding cones. Now that you know these pointers, you can successfully purchase torsion springs that will suite your needs.

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